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The Phoenix Times National Federation of Press Women's Honors

Congratulations to The Phoenix Times for winning honors in the National Federation of Press Women's (NFPW) annual high school communications contest.

Numerous entries were received from Virginia, Michigan, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Kansas.

The vast majority of students in The Phoenix Times are middle school students competing against high school students.

The Phoenix Times Broadcasting entry won first place and will now be judged at the national level.

Presented are the honorees and comments from the judges.




Judges Comment(s)

Sama Lilo

Honorable Mention - News or Feature Photo

The Magic and Grandeur of the Night

Nice contrast in your photo. Interesting designs. As a photographer always look for different angles to shoot the photo from.

Sydney Koranyi

Honorable Mention - Editorial

Is it worth the effort

Character Matters

Good job

A topic that can inspire students to understand who they are and where they are going

Sydney Koranyi

2nd Place - Cartooning

How important is it?

With what could be life-or-death issue for faculty and students, or som student's vulnerable grandparent. It has great strength of dealing directly with a school issue. It is well done, only a hair's breadth less visually strking and bull's eye target than the winner. The covid blobs are all too familiar imagery, but hovering over the school building, they are appropriate to the point.

The Phoenix Times

1st Place - Best Newscast

ASE News - Year End Report 2021

Excellent video work. Students were well-spoken and easy to understand. Good content, sounds like a great place to go to school!

NFPW At Large High School Award Winner 2022