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School Meal Menu for 2014-2015

Breakfast Menu.

Lunch Menu.

Student Orientation - August 8, 2014

Student Orientation will take place on August 8, 2014. Parents and students will have a chance to meet with the teachers and tour the school. We look forward to seeing you in the orientation where you will find answers to your questions.

Orientation Day Schedule:

1st - 5th grades 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Lunch Break 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

6th - 12th grades 1:30 p. m. - 5:00 p.m.

Click here for Orientation Day Check List

NMPED Announces School Grading for 2013-2014 SY

ASE Seeks Afterschool Care Providers

Albuquerque School of Excellence is currently seeking organizations which will create a great afterschool care services for its students and parents. The purpose of the afterschool care program is to create quality afterschool programs which must include the following components: 1) academic enrichment activities; 2) quality physical activity; 3) quality nutrition. The goal of the program is to promote and support critical thinking and collaborative techniques that allow students to successfully develop academic skills, pursue useful knowledge .

Click here for Afterschool Care Application Letter

Dress Code Policy

As authorized by state law and the school’s charter, students are required to wear uniforms to school. The school’s uniform policy and grooming standards are established to teach grooming and hygiene, creates a safe and orderly environment, instill discipline, and eliminate competition and distractions caused by varied dress styles. Students are expected to arrive in a proper school uniform every day, display modesty and neatness, and take pride in their uniforms. The school relies on student common sense and the support of parents to help maintain this dress code.

Please Click Here to Read Policy.

ASE Bell Schedule for 2014-2015 SY

ASE’s school day begins at 8:00a.m. and ends at 3:15p.m., Monday through Thursday . Students will be dismissed at 1 pm on Friday. The campus is available for student drop-off Monday through Friday at 7:30a.m. All students must be picked up by 3:30 pm (M-TH) and 1:30 pm on Friday. For safety reasons, please do not drop off students before 7:30a.m. and pick up no later than specified above time. Afterschool care will be available until 5 pm. Afterschool care and fees will be announced soon.

Early dismissal on Fridays: 8:00 am-1:00 pm (Students will follow abbreviated schedule)
Note: Elementary students will be dissmissed at 3 pm Monday thru Thursday. Friday all students wil be dissmised at 1 pm.

Click here for Bell Schedule

Student & Parent Handbook for 2014-2015 SY

Click here for Student Handbook

School Supply List for 2014-2015 SY

1st Grade Supply List

2nd Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List

4th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Supply List

Middle School Supply List

High School Supply List

Art Room Supply List

Academic Calendar for 2014-2015 School Year

ASE Calendar 2014-2015

Starting next year ASE will require a new PE uniform!! All middle school students and students taking PE in High school must purchase the new PE uniform. Buy your new PE uniform now!

Order forms are available at the front desk. All orders must be prepaid. There are no refunds for ordering the wrong size. Thank you for your understanding.

Please Click Here to Download the Order Form.


Student Council would like to hold a summer reading program for our students. Please read books throughout the summer and keep a log and return it to your homeroom teacher when the school starts.The top three classes will win a pizza party after school. The prizes will go to the top class in the following grades, Elementary 1st-5th, Middle School 6th-8th, and High School 9th-12th, and will be separately entered in the challenge. Please print the attached sheet, keep track of the books you read, the hours you read, have your parent sign it, bring it back the first week of school and turn it in to your home room teacher.

Summer Reading Challenge Log

Advanced Placement Summer Reading Assignment

The purpose of summer assignments is to continue skill practice and to develop necessary "habits of mind" beyond the school year. Summer assignments promote an early start to academic thinking and skill application while supporting common literary experiences that foster immediate instructional opportunities once students arrive on campus in August. We hope you find this resource helpful.
10th Grade: AP World History Reading Assignment
11th Grade: AP Sumer Reading Assignments
12th Grade: AP Summer Reading Assignments
AP Calculus Assignment


ASE ParentMobile is for parents of Albuquerque School of Excellence. Parents can keep in contact with the school and track their child's progress. Please download only if you have a valid username and password for the school database.

Application features:

-Access to information about your child's grades, tests, homework, discipline points, attendance, bell schedule, library books, payments; school calendar and school news.
-Push notifications about your child's progress (grades, homework, discipline points, attendance) and school news and events.
-Support for access to multiple student accounts.
-Offline access to your child's data. You can view your child's data even when you are not connected to a network.
-One click login once you save your child's login information.
-Email communication with your child's teachers without leaving the application.

Click here for iTunes Link( or Apple Store)

Click here for Android Link( or Android Market)

***This program is designed to work with Android 2.2 and higher versions. And it is best viewed on the phones with 4 inch screen size and larger. We are still working on supporting the phones with screen size smaller than 4 inch.

ASE Swept All Awards at the Statewide VOV Essay Competition

ASE students swept all categories at the statewide Voice Over Violence Essay contest. In the Middle School competition Kyle W. 8A won first place and received 50 dollars. In second place was Audrey J. 8B who won 25 dollars. In the High School competition Jenene A. 11A took home first place and 50 dollars, while Brenda G. 9A won second place and 25 dollars. This is the second consecutive year ASE students have won 1st place in both the Middle School and High School Competitions. Our thanks go to Mr. Vogt and his students.

Lunch Balances

Albuquerque School of Excellence is a small school with limited resources and needs your support to provide a quality education. You can help your school by making sure your child’s lunch account has enough funds at all times. If the balance is more than $50 and is not paid in full then your child’s online account will be suspended and progress report cards will be held back until the account is paid in full. Thanks for your understanding and help on this matter.

If you have any questions about the deposits you made before, please contact Mrs. Otero at the front office.

ASE Nature & Exploration Club Invites You For New Adventures

Nature & Exploration Club is open to all of our staff members and our students with their families. We will be meeting Sundays, at the end of each month (November and December is combined) at ASE Campus and depart to the exact location altogether by 11:00 am. No admission fee or registration required. However, you will be paying your own expenses. You just need to come prepared for that specific activity. No transportation will be provided.

Please see the following schedule with more information and contact to Mr. Arik at fa314@abqse.org

Each month we will explore different places and will have fun altogether.

Second Event : October 27 Should be Piedra Lisa Trail read more . . .

SchoolReach Instant Parent Contact System

Dear Parent,

In our effort to improve communication between parents and school, 9/2/2013 ASE is implementing a telephone broadcast system that will enable school personnel to notify all households and parents by phone within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal, school cancellation or late start. The service may also be used from time-to-time to communicate general announcements or reminders. This service is provided by SchoolReach, a company specializing in school-to-parent communications. ASE will continue to report school closings due to snow or weather on radio & TV stations and will use this system as an overlay to the public announcements.

When used, the service will call all phone numbers in our selected parent contact lists and will deliver a recorded message from a school administrator. The service will deliver the message to both live answer and answering machines. No answers (phones ringing over 40 sec.) and busies will be automatically retried twice in fifteen minute intervals after the initial call.

In an important effort to make the best and most accurate use of the SchoolReach Instant Parent Contact system, we are asking that you fill out the following form with the requested necessary information. After filling this out for each of your children that attend our school, please double check for accuracy and return it to us promptly.

Click Here to download the Parent Intro Letter

Click Here to download the Contact Info Form

SchoolReach Message Retrieval Line

Dear Parents

Now you are able to check past messages sent through SchoolReach, or if you feel a message has been missed, simply dial 855-955-8500 to hear up to 30-days past message history.You will see the School Reach Icon on the left side of the website for your convenience.

Note: Your call must originate from a phone number to which a message was originally sent. Please download below form to register your number to receive SchoolReach messages.

Click Here to download the Contact Info Form

Europe Trip for Parents and Staff

After we announced our student trip, we got some request from our parents to have one for them. We are proud to announce our parent/staff trip to europe between May 18th and 29th. We are planning to visit, Rome, Venice, Florence, Istanbul, Ephesus and Pamukkale.

Click Here for more information

Click Here for Travel Term and Conditions

Europe Trip for ASE Students-Rome, Venice, Florence, Istanbul

ASE is proud to announce Spring Break Europe Trip for Middle and High School students. Students who may never have ventured beyond the borders of their hometowns will experience the world from a global perspective and this field trip will help our students to understand what global citizen mean. The due date for travel agreement and first payment is October 18, 2013.

Click Here for Tentative Schedule

Click Here for Student Travel Consent Form

Click Here for more information

Click Here for Travel Term and Conditions

Box Tops for Education®

We are collecting Box Tops for Education® again this year! Box Tops will be collected from each home room on the last Friday of the month. With over 240 participating products, it’s an easy way for our school to earn cash for the things we need.

You can earn cash for ABQSE by clipping 10¢ Box Tops from hundreds of products and sending them to your homeroom teacher. Bonus Box Tops can be earned for ABQSE by shopping on-line and collecting electronic Box Tops, visit www.boxtops4education.com for more information. The PTO is again sponsoring prizes for the class that earns the most Box Tops!

Contact Liz Titus with any questions, ZEH-T@hotmail.com. Thanks for your help!

SchoolStore Helps ASE

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce that our students will receive their choice of several great prizes and a chance to win an Apple Ipad mini , just for helping us spread the word about ASE's participation in SchoolStore.

SchoolStore.com is n online shopping mall with over 400 merchants incluiding Sears, Target,iTunes,Wal-Mart and amny. When your family and your friends make eydy purchases from their favorite merchants, our school earn money.
Click Here to Watch Short Video read more . . .

Smith's is Giving Back to ASE

Dear Parents

ASE has been participating in Smith's Earn & Learn program and during 2012-2013 school year we have earned $214.18 . You just need to use your rewards card at Smith's. With your support ASE will get more fund for its extracurricular activities. In below link you will find more information about parent participationand a barcode for rewards card.ASE organization # 10000080210

Click Here for more info read more . . .

ASE Home Visit Program

ASE has been implementing Home Visiting Programs to help strengthen relationships between parents and teachers. Home visiting programs are an effective way for teachers to get parents involved in their child's education and to let parents and children know how much they care. ASE embraces the idea of parents as partners and actively involves parents into education.

We experienced immediate benefits of home visiting. As parent and teacher relationships improved, and kids at the home visit campuses began doing better academically and socially.

Here are more benefits:
•Strengthened parent/teacher relationships
•Increase in overall student achievement scores
•Decrease in student suspensions
•Increase in student attendance
•Feeling of trust, mutual respect, empowerment, and accountability by parents, students and staff

You may get a phone call from your child's teacher to schedule a home visit. Please do not hesitate to call your homeroom teacher to schedule home visit if you do not hear from us. See you at our visit to your home.

ASE Locker Schedule

Dear Parents and Students,

To be able to prevent all possible incidents and create safe environment during passing periods , ASE has been implementing a locker schedule for our students. According to locker schedule students are allowed to go to their locker only during designated times.

Click Here to see the locker schedule

If you have a PE class, you are allowed to go to your locker regardless of locker schedule to pick up or drop off your PE uniform.


Online Courses Through IDEAL- New Mexico

ASE students have access to the full continuum of student-centric online and blended learning opportunities through IDEAL- NM program.Innovative Digital Education and Learning-New Mexico (IDEAL-NM) is a statewide eLearning program of the New Mexico Public Education Department.IDEAL-NM supports ASE in expanding education options for students through technology innovations.IDEAL-NM offers a statewide virtual school in collaboration with New Mexico schools. Through the virtual school, we are able to expand educational opportunity for our students.

Click here for more Information about IDEAL-NM

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Orsun via email ed101@abqse.org

ABQSE Database


 August 8, Friday
Student Orientation (no classes)
 August 12, Tuesday
First Day of School
 August 20, Wednesday
Early Dismissal-Meet the Teacher Night (5-7 pm)
 September 1, Monday
Labor Day Holiday
 September 12, Friday
Parent Teacher Conference

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