Middle School Behavior

Middle School Behavior PRS Points   Middle School Behavior DPS Points
Having all supplies 1   Running in the Hallway 3
Consistently on task 2   Not turning in assigned work or homework 1
Random act of Kindness 2   Lack of materials 1
Honesty 2   Passing Notes 2
Helping Teacher without being asked 2   Inappropriate cafeteria/hallway behavior 2
Helping put way materials in class or gym 2   Excessive talking 2
Volunteering 2   Leaving paper/trash on the floor/desk/table 2
Being a positive role model 3   Lack of Cooperation 2
Behavioral Improvement 3   Not on assigned task 2
Participation Improvement 3   Dress code violation 3
Leaving clean area in cafeteria/classroom 3   Backpack or purse in classroom 3
Helping a fellow student 3   Being in the hallway without a pass 3
Academic Improvement 3   Chewing gum 3
Demonstrating outstanding leadership 4   Not being in the assigned location/seat 3
Positive behavior with substitute teacher 5   Inappropriate behavior towards another student 3
      Eating/drinking except during breakfats or lunch 3
      Having food/drink outside of the food serving area 3
      Horse-playing 3
      Disturbing class 3
      Tilting back in chair/desk 3
      Unauthorized use of restroom 3
      Trading or sharing lockers 3
      Throwing things in class/hallway/cafeteria 4
      Possession of inappropriate item 5
      Accessing unassigned website during class 5
      Electronic Device (e.g. cellphones, headphones, earbuds) in sight 5
      Disrespectful behavior/comments to teacher 5
      Lying to Administration/Teacher 5
      Using profane/vulgar language (not directed to a person) 5
      Non-authorized buying/selling/trading items (minor infractions) 5
      Lack of cooperation with substitute teacher/volunteer 5

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