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Sample Projects for High School Project Based Learning will be illustrated here.

Level I

Level II

In addition to the Level I project described above, each student will complete one interdisciplinary PBL/STEM type project based on math, or science content. These Math or Science projects also contain integrated Social Studies and ELA components. Some of the major features of the Level II PBL projects are outlined below.

Level III

Level III projects are options for students who like the challenge of creating and conducting their own project. Some of the major features of the Level III PBL projects are outlined below.


 In high school there are three different levels of PBL projects. Level I is a short term project and Level II and III are long term projects. Level I targets 21st century skills within the context of the curriculum, Levels II and III allow the application and development of these critical skills. All students will complete Level I projects. Students may complete either a project from a set of Level II whose handouts are prepared by the ASE PBL team or they can come with their project ideas and driven question as a Level III project.