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Copyright © 2015 - 2016 ASE-SCIENCE. All Rights are Reserved.


Copyright © 2015 - 2016 ASE-SCIENCE. All Rights are Reserved.

High School Math Project Handouts for Level II

Dear Students,

You may also come with your project idea instead of choosing from level II project list.

A Stitch inTime.docx Board Game.docx Bones.docx MATHEMATICS Level II Build Green Houses.docx Buy Your Own House.docx Cartoon for Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.docx Cartoon for Linear and Quadratic Functions.docx Catapult.docx Cell Phone Plans.docx Clinometer.docx Code Breaker.docx Cuddles.docx Designing Pool.docx

You can view the list above in spreed-sheet format from here

Design Your Own Light.docx Dream Car.docx Factorization.docx Fibonacci Sequence.docx Finding Minimal Surface Area.docx Fireworks.docx Fractals in the Lungs.docx Gauge of Golden Ratio.docx GeoDesic Green Houses.docx Geometrical Town.docx Go Green.docx Hidden Treasure.docx History of Algebra.docx History of Geometry.docx Home made Geoboard.docx Image Creation Using Equations.docx Investigation of a Hens Egg.docx Largest Cup of Coffee.docx Magic Elliptical Billiard Table.docx Making Beehives.docx Making Kaleidoscopes.docx Making Soccer Ball.docx Making Spider Web.docx Math Symbols.docx Matrices and Digital Images.docx Music Box.docx My Company.docx One Shape to Fit All Them.docx One Year Weight Loss Program.docx Organic Vegetable Company.docx Polynomial Pictures.docx Pool.docx Powers of Ten.docx Proof of Pythagorean Theorem.docx Purchase Your Dream Life.docx Puzzle.docx Real Life Series.docx Real Word Jobs.docx Remodeling Your House.docx Same Space Different Options.docx Slope Alphabet.docx Song.docx Soup Cans.docx Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities.docx Time of Death.docx Traffic Lights.docx Truth in Advertising.docx Unfolding a Dodecahedron to Produce a Stage Last.docx