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Copyright © 2015 - 2016 ASE-SCIENCE. All Rights are Reserved.


Copyright © 2015 - 2016 ASE-SCIENCE. All Rights are Reserved.

High School Math Project Handouts for Level I

   The PBL projects at this level are designed as group/team projects. They will be studied as a part of curriculum.

First Semester Solving Linear Equations by Modeling.docxFirst Semester Solving Linear Equations by Modeling - Handout.docxSecond Semester Linear Functions.docxAlgebra I PBL Level ISecond Semester Linear Functions Handout.docxAlgebra II PBL Level IFirst Semester Solving Quadratic Function.docxFirst Semester Solving Quadratic Function Handout.docxSecond Semester Solving Quadratic Function.docxGeometry PBL Level IFirst Semester Exploring Pi.docxFirst Semester Exploring Pi.ggbSecond Semester Exploring PiBroken Plate.docxSecond Semester Exploring PiBroken Plate.zipTransformations.docxTransformations Geometry Parrot.ggb