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Copyright © 2015 - 2016 ASE-SCIENCE. All Rights are Reserved.

High School Project Handouts for CHEMISTRY

Chemistry Level 1 Investigation Student Sample.pdf Chemistry Level 1 Report Grading Rubric.pdf Investigation Student Template.docx CHEMISTRY PBL - LEVEL I PBL Chem Level I Investigations -Teacher Guide.pdf CHEMISTRY PBL - LEVEL II 01-Dry Ice Bubbles.docx 02-Al displaces Cu.docx 03-Tin Sponge.docx CHEMISTRY PBL - LEVEL III Chemistry Project Leve lII Investigation Page Task 12 Chemistry Project Leve lII Investigation Page Task 12.docx Chemistry Project Proposal Level III.docx 04-Balloon Race.docx 05-Formula of Precipitate.docx 06-Cold Reaction.docx 07-Acid Neutralization in Nature.docx 08-Old Foamey.docx 09-Solubility of CO2.docx 10-Blue Bottle Reaction.docx 11-Tin Man.docx 12-pH Rainbow.docx 13-Flameless Ration Heaters.docx 14-Oil Spill Cleanup.docx 15-Chromatography.docx 16-Separation of a Solution.docx 17-Gas Solubility.docx 18-Stop and Go Reaction.docx 19-Fluorescence of Tonic Water.docx 20-Heat of Solution.docx 21-Indicator Sponge.docx Chemistry Project Grading Rubric Level II & III.pdf