Albuquerque School of Excellence Governing Council

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ASE GC Bylaws


Attendance Policy

Wellness Policy

Tabocco Free Policy

Open Meetings Policy

Open Meeting Resolution

Internal Control Procedure Policy

Health Services Policy

Grade Change Policy

Dual Credit Policy

Distance Learning Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Complaint Procedure Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Retention/Promotion Policy

Inspection of Public Records Act Policy

Textbook Policy


ASE GC Meeting Agendas and Minutes

03/09/2014 March Meeting                      Agenda        Minutes

02/08/2014 February Meeting                  Agenda        Minutes

01/04/2014 January Meeting                  Agenda        Minutes

December Meeting- No Meeting                Agenda        Minutes

11/16/2013 November Meeting                Agenda        Minutes

10/12/2013 October Meeting                   Agenda        Minutes

9/14/2013 September Meeting                 Agenda        Minutes

08/17/13 August Meeting- No Meeting      Agenda        Minutes

07/27/13 July Meeting                                Agenda        Minutes

07/13/13 July Meeting                                Agenda        Minutes

06/15/13 June Special Meeting               Agenda        Minutes

06/08/13 June Meeting                            Agenda        Minutes

05/11/13 May Meeting                            Agenda        Minutes

04/13/13 April Meeting                             Agenda        Minutes

03/09/13 March Meeting                        Agenda        Minutes

02/09/13 February Meeting                     Agenda        Minutes

01/12/13 January Meeting                 Agenda        Minutes

12/18/12 Emergency Meeting            Agenda        Minutes

12/8/12 December Meeting               Agenda        Minutes

11/10/12 November Meeting             Agenda        Minutes

10/13/12 October Meeting                 Agenda        Minutes

09/15/12 September Meeting            Agenda        Minutes

08/11/12 August Meeting                  Agenda        Minutes

07/21/12 July Meeting                     Agenda        Minutes